Flora Around Southlands

Our aim is to preserve and enhance Southlands and the countryside around it for future generations, so they can enjoy spending time here as much as we have. We take an active role in this across a number of areas.

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Stewardship Scheme

Southlands Farm is 37 acres, for the last eight years we have been in a Higher Level Stewardship Scheme This is a two-pronged initiative to encourage and improve the flora and fauna, and to try to get back to the pre-intensive farming days that followed the war. To this end, we have introduced a much less intensive grazing regime, and also a programme of capital works which include the planting of hedges, trees and restoration of dry stone walls.


70% Hawthorn, 20% Blackthorn and a 10% mix of Crab Apple, Ash, Dog Rose, Field Maple, Guelder Rose and Hazel & Oak.


All the wall restoration has been done by our neighbouring farmer and tenant; John Beatie

Herb-rich hay meadow and Grassland:

One of the striking features of Southlands Farm is the diversity of native grasses and flowering plants found within the meadows. The ridge and furrow meadow is particularly species- rich and contain a host of less common plants found in unimproved grassland in Northumberland.

Plants with flowers Flowering Plants

  • Common sorrel
  • Germander Speedwell
  • Lady’s smock
  • Ribwort plantain
  • Clove garlic
  • Lesser snap weed
  • Meadow Vetchling
  • Cowslip
  • Red clover
  • Meadow buttercup
  • Common vetch
  • Eyebright
  • Pignut

Grasses & Rushes

  • Crested dog’s tail
  • Yorkshire fog
  • Meadow fescue
  • Rough meadow grass
  • Sweet vernal grass
  • Field wood-rush
  • Cock’s foot
  • Meadow foxtail
  • Chewings fescue


"Thank you for your warm hospitality and going out your way to show us the history of Gunnerton and trace our family history. The cottage is gorgeous!"

Mark and Georgina. Tahara Bridge. Australia

Our Green Credentials

At Southlands we endeavour to develop and manage the impact of our business on the environment in as sustainable way as possible.

We are members of the Green Tourism Business Scheme and have recently gained the Gold Award for our endeavours

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A Living History

Southlands is a small, 37-acre working farm with a story stretching back hundreds of years. We believe the farmhouse is one of a handful of mediaeval Northumbrian longhouses built during the reign of Henry VIII.

These days, the cottages are a little more insulated than they might have been then, and a lot more comfortable for our guests!

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