Our Green Credentials

Here at the farm we're care deeply about reducing our impact on the environment and helping our guests to do the same. We've built the cottages to be as environmentally friendly as possible and plan to have even more going on in the future.

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Good for You; Good for the Environment

With your help, your self-catering holiday will be as good for the environment as it is for you and we can all maintain the beautiful Northumberland countryside for future generations. Our green credentials are demonstrated by our commitment to:

Renewable Energy

All our electricity comes from renewable sources; we are supplied by Ecotricity.


We compost as much of our waste as we can, and will be very pleased if you can help.

Carrots and pototoes in a basketGrowing Our Own

We grow as many of our own vegetables as we can, and any surplus is made available to our guests.

Supporting Local Producers

We try to use local producers as much as possible, we believe that the local community should be supported: small businesses are the backbone of our economy. To this end we have included a selection of useful small businesses in our links page. There is also a selection of locally produced, frozen food available in an honesty freezer.

Hot Water

The hot water in East Cottage and Middle Cottage is generated by solar panels, unless there is no sun, in which case the most efficient oil fired boiler that we could find takes over the job.  In the future we'd like to use bio fuel for this.

Geothermal & Wind Power

We would like to put a geothermal system in to power the under floor heating, however this is quite expensive and will have to be a project for the future. We'd also like to build a wind turbine, though this will have to wait until the proposed new planning rules come through.

Insulation & Heating

The cottages are insulated as well as can be for a building of this nature. The log fires are carbon neutral.


Our vehicles all run on LPG, they have almost zero emissions.

Pesticide Free

Our smallholding is free from any pesticides, fertilisers or herbicides.

Stewardship Scheme

Our smallholding is in a 10-year stewardship scheme, which is now been running for some eight years. Within the scheme we have restored dry stone walls, planted a lot of hedges and created a wildlife scrape.  We run reduced stocking levels to encourage wild flowers in the meadows.

Planting for the Future

We have planted about one hundred trees for your enjoyment and that of generations to come.

“First night after our Wedding and the perfect end to an amazing day-this place is perfect-Thank you! We'll always remember being here and cant wait to come again."

James and Sarah. London

Our Green Credentials

At Southlands we endeavour to develop and manage the impact of our business on the environment in as sustainable way as possible.

We are members of the Green Tourism Business Scheme and have recently gained the Gold Award for our endeavours

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A Living History

Southlands is a small, 37-acre working farm with a story stretching back hundreds of years. We believe the farmhouse is one of a handful of mediaeval Northumbrian longhouses built during the reign of Henry VIII.

These days, the cottages are a little more insulated than they might have been then, and a lot more comfortable for our guests!

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