Slow Food

Give your food a good life, prepare it with care, cook it simply and it will be delicious.

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Slow Food at Southlands

Southlands Farm Cottages not only provide fabulous accommodation in cosy award winning cottages with antique furniture and wood fires, they also offer a chance to eat and live slow.

The raised beds of the vegetable garden stretch out into the fields, visitors can help themselves to seasonal fruit and vegetables, there are hedgerows for brambling, and picking sloes, hips and damsons, mushrooms and Puff balls can be found in the fields. Charles and Dee have just bought a wonderful 3rd hand 1950s growers green house which is in the process of being put up in time for spring.

Dee provides welcome baskets with local produce and her own eggs from ex-battery hens that seem to get a new lease of life with a sky over their heads and natural things to eat. She also provide fresh flowers from the garden where guests can wander and find a secluded spot and loose themselves for a while in a good book.

We have a small herd of Kune Kune pigs from which we produce proper old fashioned sausages, bacon and dry cured hams which we sell locally from the farm, and are very much looking forward to this autumn when our first Dexter steers will be ready to add to the menu.

The farm is delightful to wander around, with its new hedges and small field system which encourage a great diversity of wildlife and allow us to practice "mob grazing" with the cattle to aid carbon sequestration. We keep our pigs in small plantations in the winter months, this keeps them weeded and also produces a ready tilth for our potatoes and onions in the spring.

Charles is the driving force behind locally produced seasonal food, he likes nothing better than showing others the richness of the countryside, with winter shooting barbecues (fresh smoked Pheasant is delicious), rabbit shooting, fly fishing and the farm animals in fact anything that narrows the gap between us and where our food comes from.

Dee is very happy to share her enthusiasm for painting and flower arranging, and runs courses with a good lunch and a glass of wine.

"Food glorious food"

Here at Southlands we are passionate about our food,
it is close to the centre of what we do.

Food is an oft overlooked essential of life, yet in our busy lives it is often thought of as expensive and a chore, when in reality it is cheaper than it has ever been. In real terms the price of a loaf of bread hasn't changed since it was first recorded in the days of Nebuchadnezzar.

Our Dexters

Dexter cattle produce the most delicious beef, they may be small but they produce premium meat, you won't find anything like it in a supermarket, the only additives you will find in our cattle are good food and a good life. You can find out where to get dexter beef near your home here: Dexter beef online

Our Kune Kunes

Though the Kune Kunes started as a bit of fun they are very good eating, we make sausages, bacon and gammons from them, we know exactly what has gone into them. It has been a real eye opener, you read of bacon being kept on a cold slab for weeks on end, and hams that get better with each passing week, well since doing our own pigs I know what it's all true, I just don't want to eat supermarket meat again.

Our Hens

Our hens are a pretty contented lot, they spuddle about in the grass eating seeds and bugs and lay the most delicious eggs, if you come to stay you will probably find some in your welcome basket.

Our Vegetable Garden

We have a large vegetable patch and greenhouse, and we try to produce enough so that our guests can enjoy them too when we have surplus.

Local produce

Dee enjoys making jams and chutneys with all the seasonal surplus, there are lots of stories about her escapades on our blog.

Food Local Food

Food local food logoFood Local Food is a great local business, that is doing more for local food than most: they source good food locally and and will put together a shopping basket to your requirements, which they will pack away in your cottage just before you arrive here. Have a look at their site.

Local Game:

Ridley's fish  and game logo

If you fancy a bit of game, we can  sometimes produce it, or failing that; Ridleys Fish and Game can supply most of what is in season.

  • Pigeon
  • Rabbit
  • Pheasant
  • Duck
  • Grouse
  • Roe deer
  • Woodcock
  • Snipe

All game is seasonal and even in season may not be available, please let us know what you'd like in advance, so that we have the best chance of arranging it.

"We were lucky enough to spend the week in Middle and East Cottages. These couldn’t have been more suitable for friends holidaying together. The whole week was just lovely –perfect" Time- out". Thank you so much"

Helen and Ray. East Sussex and Hazel and Jon next door!!!

Our Green Credentials

At Southlands we endeavour to develop and manage the impact of our business on the environment in as sustainable way as possible.

We are members of the Green Tourism Business Scheme and have recently gained the Gold Award for our endeavours

Learn more about our green initiatives.

A Living History

Southlands is a small, 37-acre working farm with a story stretching back hundreds of years. We believe the farmhouse is one of a handful of mediaeval Northumbrian longhouses built during the reign of Henry VIII.

These days, the cottages are a little more insulated than they might have been then, and a lot more comfortable for our guests!

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