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The Greenhouse gets a clean!

31st March 2008 | Dee's Diary | No Comments

We had a hysterical time cleaning the greenhouse this weekend. Our Son got hold of the pressure washer and I seemed to get as wet as the grenhouse, I did get my revenge with the watering can later! Now we have a crystal clear greenhouse, no moss or green bits and Charles surprised me this ... Read the full post

New Bird Boxes

31st March 2008 | Southlands Farm News | No Comments

Today our new Wildlife Boxes arrived. We love the wildlife on the farm and have always encourage it where possible. We already have several birdboxes and feeders. One very special one our Daughter made with my Father it is like a little house with a proper lead roof, last month it had a makeover and Read the full post

Game to Eat

28th March 2008 | Dee's Diary, Southlands Farm News | No Comments

We would like to introduce courses for our guests under the Game To Eat campaign which is a Countryside Alliance initiative. We are trying to promote the eating of local in season Game. Charles loves nothing more than taking people shooting, fishing, beating or maybe just a day observing in the Coun Read the full post

Going Going Green

26th March 2008 | Dee's Diary, Southlands Farm News | No Comments

When we started converting the Barns into Cottages it was at the forefront of our thoughts to incorporate as many green policies as we could. Now a year on it is constantly evolving. Last year saw the development of the new Vegetable garden which I love. A fantastic place to be and we were lucky ... Read the full post

Pies, Pies Glorious Pies

26th March 2008 | Dee's Diary | No Comments

Charles and I have been on a quest for some time now to find a really good pie to put in the Cottage freezers for our guests. It has meant we have had some jolly good lunches! However on the Hadrians Wall tourism day on 4th March we met a great family business “Pie Mill” ... Read the full post

Spring at Last

26th March 2008 | Dee's Diary, Southlands Farm News | No Comments

I just wanted to share my enthusiasm for Spring.!!!! Recently we have had storms, gales, snow, power cuts etc. And today it was beautiful! Earlier in the year I found a bargain job lot of Tet-a-Tet daffodils and we planted them around some of the trees in the first field and they are wonderful-tiny Read the full post

Our Dexter Cows

26th March 2008 | Dee's Diary, Southlands Farm News | No Comments

I now need to introduce you to the latest editions to the Farm…….Valentine. Celtic and Mini (because she really is mini!) – Our lovely new Dexter cows. After several fun weeks of searching we found them just near carlisle and they arrived in late February. We also took delivery of Read the full post



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