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The earth was not given to us by our fathers, it is lent to us by our children.

31st October 2009 | Charles' Rants | No Comments

This is an old Kenyan proverb, and never has it been truer. Climate change divides us and once you get past the interests and the heads in the sand there are debates going on in households, bars and over dinner tables all over the country. Eloquent and intelligent folk argue the toss from both sides Read the full post

Well done Jenson Button

28th October 2009 | Charles' Rants | No Comments

Well done Jenson, some of us had faith in you, that drive really showed why you are the one to beat. Photo: Mail online Read the full post

Southlands Farm Cottages win Silver in the North East England Tourism Awards

16th October 2009 | Charles' Rants, Southlands Farm News | 1 Comment

Whilst I was away on my trip to Canada and Alaska, Dee had the task of entering us for the the North East of England Tourism Awards. It was meant to be something that we would do together, but any collaboration was thwarted by dodgy internet connections and time zone differences. So poor Dee had ... Read the full post



Southlands Farm Cottages are three traditionally stone built luxury holiday cottages situated in an area of Northumberland famed for its outstanding natural beauty.

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