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Simnel Cake for Easter

29th March 2013 | Southlands Farm News | No Comments

I don’t know if you watched Mary Berry making her classic Simnel cake ? Well I did and I was so impressed I set about making one including the frosted primroses…….HAPPY EASTER! Read the full post

Happy Easter to one and all…even those tiny and small!!!!

29th March 2013 | Southlands Farm News | No Comments

After loosing my chickens to Mr Fox I saved the remaining eggs and put them in the incubator …. We waited turning them three times each day…Today is Good Friday and three little chicks have hatched ….They are now in a box on the warming plate of the Aga little balls of fluff cheepi Read the full post

THE most special Bank Holiday chocolate fudgy nut cake!

29th March 2013 | Southlands Farm News | No Comments

I just had to share this recipe with you as Rosie and I made it one afternoon and were bowled over by how yummy it was…..You will however find it hard to share the cake! 350g plain chocolate chopped, 175g unsalted butter diced, 55g coco powder sifted, 5 large eggs, 1 teaspoon real vanilla esse Read the full post

Primroses Perfect Present!

20th March 2013 | Southlands Farm News | No Comments

This afternoon our heifer Primrose had her first calf!  He is very sweet with a thick curly black coat. Snow was starting to come down a little but with a forecast of more snow we decided to bring her and the calf into the shed. Claire gave me a hand and we did laugh as ... Read the full post

Happy Birthday Far Far Away!

19th March 2013 | Southlands Farm News | No Comments

In honour of your Birthday Charles the Girls and I have planted with love” a 51 pots of daffodils salute” outside the workshop! Happy Happy Birthday X Read the full post

Back to winter!

17th March 2013 | Southlands Farm News | No Comments

Just as I thought things were turning crisp and dry….I thought to soon…. The sky went grey, the temperature plummeted and we were back to a white winter! Rather worried if we will have enough hay if we get much more of this cold cold weather…counting the bales.The cattle are cosy a Read the full post

Life is not always a bunch of roses down on the Farm!

13th March 2013 | Southlands Farm News | No Comments

A very busy day with snow forecast. Feeding hay. Lots of jobs to do. I flop into bed as the snow starts to fall. Dawn and a crisp covering of white. Up and out to feed the animals. Then the sharp realisation that I had not put my girls to bed! Headless bodies everywhere and ... Read the full post

Chick time?

1st March 2013 | Dee's Diary, Southlands Farm News | No Comments

I think it must have been the little bit of sunshine in the sky that made me decide to get the egg incubator out…..hopefully we are heading for Spring! I have just put a mix of my Bantam eggs under and counting down the days turning the eggs twice a day…..fingers crossed we may hear ... Read the full post



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