Goat’s eggs

22nd March 2014 | Charles' Rants, Southlands Farm News

Eighteen months a go we were given two Kune Kune pigs, sounds good so far, but the deal was that we had to take two Pygmy goats as well. It turned out that Ozzy and Woody were both castrated males so the only thing they could be good for was meat, but that really wasn’t why we had been given them.

While everyone cooed and cutesied over them I on the other hand brooded about never having had an animal on the farm that didn’t earn it’s keep. It got worse as lived in the stable yard, needed feeding, followed me about and generally spent their days bleating at me and trying to escape. The future looked bleak for the goats until Dee had one of her mad ideas………

Dee thought that Mr Fox would be terrified by the sight of a Pygmy goat, I couldn’t see it myself, the dogs don’t take any notice of them and foxes generally aren’t bothered in the slightest by any sort of farmyard animal when they are hungry. So the goats were put in with the hens meanwhile I chortled quietly to myself, being pleased that the bulk of the problem had disappeared. As it turns out we are now a year on with a full compliment of hens, I know there are foxes about as well as badgers, who are also partial to chickens, and if you come and stay at Southlands Farm Cottages you can usually see either or both as dusk falls. So it looks like it’s hats off to Dee, though like the fox, the jury is still out!


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