Meet the new Babies!

13th February 2014 | Southlands Farm News


Here at Southlands Farm our Labrador and Sporting Lucas girls have been busy producing puppies! Firstly Widget had four puppies then Gasket had eight excactly a week later. As you can imagine life has been rather busy with 12 puppies on the farm! Now we are down to two as all the others have gone to fantastic new homes. Whilst Charles was away working in Burma I played chief nanny and his return at the weekend was perfectly timed as now the puppies need pre- school!!! My nannying has made me very attached to both puppies Spiggot is very lovely and walks like a gangling  leopard with eyes like almonds and is the most attentive and affectionate of puppies and Ratchet (her toy and pillow!) is funny, so hairy she could be mistaken for a hairy lop eared rabbit and just the cutest thing .So all in all its a mad time with double trouble!  Slippers are hidden, good shoes and boots are shut in the loo nothing is sacred or high enough! I recently realized we had reached this stage when I left my handbag on the kitchen stool only to return from feeding the cows to find my beautiful black leather bag, wallet,  spectacle case (chewed), Specks (chewed), hankie (chewed/torn),new Clarins (Girls will sigh!) lipstick (not new any more!) and a THIRD of a £20 note all strewn across the kitchen floor. So I am attaching a picture or two of the “butter wouldn’t melt” culprits to show you just how adorable they are! Also on the subject of adorable dogs we must also raise a glass to Granny “Sprocket” who we sadly said goodbye to just before Charles left .She was the fantastic age of 14 .Many of you who have stayed with us will remember with a smile that despite all actions by me to deter her she was often found “visiting ” you all in the cottages and she always got a wonderful welcome, treat or ate your cat/dogs food! and not one of you objected…So here is to Sproket and also the next generation too. Spiggot and Ratty look forward to meeting you soon X

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  1. Julie says:

    Partners in crime indeed! Little tinkers…
    Sister Ottie is equally adorable and is now getting her Mum’s wavy coat and big girl’s teeth.
    We love her to bits, thank you Dee and Charles… Catch up with you soon x

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