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Goat’s eggs

22nd March 2014 | Charles' Rants, Southlands Farm News | No Comments

Eighteen months a go we were given two Kune Kune pigs, sounds good so far, but the deal was that we had to take two Pygmy goats as well. It turned out that Ozzy and Woody were both castrated males so the only thing they could be good for was meat, but that really wasn’t ... Read the full post

Blowing the electricity bills away.

13th March 2014 | Charles' Rants, Southlands Farm News | No Comments

Just over a year ago we erected a  Bergey wind turbine to provide electricity for the workshop, house and cottages. And I can now report that it has been everything that we had hoped and more. Thanks to Mike Seeley of  Inherent Energy and his team for a fantastic job.   Read the full post

Citroen HA van

16th May 2013 | Charles' Rants | 3 Comments

Anybody out there an H van nut, or knows someone who is? We need to find a new home for this piece of classic art. There is most of another set of panels and the motor was good. Any ideas please email Charles. Read the full post

Keeping up appearances

3rd May 2013 | Charles' Rants, Southlands Farm News | No Comments

the suppliers of the lights were no help either. So after a little lateral thought Read the full post

Snow days, tough on wildlife.

22nd January 2013 | Charles' Rants, Local News, Southlands Farm News | No Comments

  This morning as I was going round the stock, I noticed this rabbit hole in the hedgerow. It was the damage to the young hedge plants that first grabbed my attention, life must be tough for a rabbit at the moment. The turbine looks interesting from here, it reminds me of  ”Ice Station Read the full post

Batteries and perennials.

22nd April 2011 | Charles' Rants, Food, Southlands Farm News | No Comments

These rather difficult times when the only thing that is for sure is that we can’t take anything for granted. However I have come across a couple of things in the last week that have really given me a sense of  hope for our future. Both come from revisiting past ideas and asking why? Read the full post

Audio Boo

13th February 2011 | Charles' Rants, Southlands Farm News | 1 Comment

In the world of social networking, I have just discovered this rather fun gizmo where I can record and post sounds via my phone, lots of fun, here’s the link to my Boo page; Read the full post

Hedge Bashing at Middleton

31st January 2011 | Charles' Rants, Food, Southlands Farm News | 1 Comment

The day was spectacular, I was in two minds camera or shotgun, I can’t do both. Read the full post

More Puppy pictures………………….

21st June 2010 | Charles' Rants, Southlands Farm News | 1 Comment

The puppies are very now three and a half weeks old and beginning to explore their new world, huge fun. Their grandmother Sprocket has always been there silent sort, infuriating if she is stuck somewhere and you can’t find her so I was always pleased that her daughters have a more vocal approa Read the full post

Blackbird fledgling

7th May 2010 | Charles' Rants, Southlands Farm News | 2 Comments

If the TV and radio are anything to go by you’d think that the world had changed overnight, however I was brought back to sanity when I went to feed the lambs, pigs and hens this morning. In the shed where we keep the feed life was going on as normal; no politics, no hung ... Read the full post

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