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Get Ready for Pimm’s O’Clock!

14th April 2015 | Southlands Farm News | No Comments

Get ready for Pimm’s O’clock this Summer! Escape ‪#‎summerholiday‬ ‪#‎northumberland‬‪#‎holidaycottage‬ ‪#‎selfcatering‬   Read the full post

Fish pie in an instant!

8th April 2015 | Southlands Farm News | No Comments

    Ok I love cooking  but we are all busy and I LOVE short cuts ….. Very quick fish pie ! Aldi or M &S  fish pieces cook in a little milk. Then cook new potatoes cut in half lengthways.Chop and cook leeks and drain.Boil 4 eggs , drain, peel slice in half. Make a ... Read the full post

A busy April at Southland’s Farm Cottages?

7th April 2015 | Dee's Diary, Southlands Farm News | No Comments

I really really LOVE this time of year! The birds are singing their hearts out and nesting, the frogs are having a party in the pond! We are calving, lambs are all around us and the chickens are thrilled not to be blown off their feet.The daffodils are a golden signal that everything is full ... Read the full post

Digging begins in earnest!…

7th April 2015 | Southlands Farm News | No Comments

It was the most amazing sunny Easter weekend here in Northumberland  so  we made the most of it and started work on the vegetable garden. Last year once  production had ground to a halt &  potatoes and onions were lifted we covered the raised beds with well rotted horse manure then with blac Read the full post

She’s a big girl!

6th April 2015 | Southlands Farm News | No Comments

At 28ft long she is definitely a Big girl.She was loaded in Devon and managed to travel all the way to Northumberland so you can imagine our relief when she came off the lorry in one piece,was successfully hitched onto the tractor and  towed down our narrow road and safely through the Farm gates! & Read the full post

The Showman’s journey begins….

6th April 2015 | Southlands Farm News | No Comments

Two days ago Charles and I took possession of a 28ft 1942 original showman’s wagon something we have dreamed of owning for quite some time. It arrived on a low loader lorry all the way from Devon to our 37 acre small holding here in Northumberland . Although it needs major restoration It is in Read the full post

Let the Romance begin……

5th February 2015 | Southlands Farm News | No Comments

I have to say I am biased…Born and bred in Northumberland  I love this place with a pashion….The people, the breathtaking skies, wide open spaces, clean fresh air, country pubs and long lazy walks. Ok it gets cold but that’s an excuse to put the fire on ! Beautiful architecture, t Read the full post

Studio Open

26th August 2014 | Southlands Farm News | No Comments

At last my art studio is finished and I am in it and painting! It is wonderful to have my own space instead of having canvas around the house.Exciting… Read the full post

Goat’s eggs

22nd March 2014 | Charles' Rants, Southlands Farm News | No Comments

Eighteen months a go we were given two Kune Kune pigs, sounds good so far, but the deal was that we had to take two Pygmy goats as well. It turned out that Ozzy and Woody were both castrated males so the only thing they could be good for was meat, but that really wasn’t ... Read the full post

Blowing the electricity bills away.

13th March 2014 | Charles' Rants, Southlands Farm News | No Comments

Just over a year ago we erected a  Bergey wind turbine to provide electricity for the workshop, house and cottages. And I can now report that it has been everything that we had hoped and more. Thanks to Mike Seeley of  Inherent Energy and his team for a fantastic job.   Read the full post

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