Spring comes early

10th March 2014 | Southlands Farm News | No Comments Yet

So here we are not halfway through March and spring is really happening. Buds are opening, bats are flying, daisies are flowering, the grass is starting to grow and the pond is a soup of frogspawn while insects and birdsong fill the air. For me this is the very best time of year, I love it.



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Meet the new Babies!

13th February 2014 | Southlands Farm News | 1 Comment

  Here at Southlands Farm our Labrador and Sporting Lucas girls have been busy producing puppies! Firstly Widget had four puppies then Gasket had eight excactly a week later. As you can imagine life has been rather busy with 12 puppies on the farm! Now we are down to two as all the others have Read the full post

Alfies new house!

16th October 2013 | Dee's Diary, Southlands Farm News | No Comments Yet

Alfie our little Shetland pony has moved into his new house. He now has Woody and Ozzie the goats and the chickens for company! I think he is enjoying having friends and it is lovely having him nearer the house. Read the full post

Dexter Beef hits the big time!

9th July 2013 | Dee's Diary, Food, Southlands Farm News | No Comments Yet

  Raymond Blanc:How to cook well tonight 8 pm BBC2 and what’s on the menu as the finest of meats DEXTER BEEF….what more can I say except come and get yours here at Southlands Farm shop ! X Read the full post

Our First Rare Breed Dexter Beef Boxes!

20th May 2013 | Southlands Farm News | No Comments Yet

A very big THANK YOU to all those who have purchased our first Rare Breed DEXTER BEEF BOXES. They were so well received we decided to sent off one more so there is the opportunity for four more beef boxes to be purchased. The boxes will arrive back fresh this Friday and can be delivered ... Read the full post

Citroen HA van

16th May 2013 | Charles' Rants | 3 Comments

Anybody out there an H van nut, or knows someone who is? We need to find a new home for this piece of classic art. There is most of another set of panels and the motor was good. Any ideas please email Charles. Read the full post

Wern’t we the lucky ones!

15th May 2013 | Dee's Diary, Events, places to go & things to do., Food | No Comments Yet

One of our guests is a really keen fisherman and comes to stay to enjoy the great local fishing on our doorstep. He and his son had a really successful and enjoyable days fishing and caught six fantastic trout. They arrived back and presented me with a bag of  fish as a gift!  That night ... Read the full post

Southlands Farm Dexter beef and Kune Kune sausage beef olives!

15th May 2013 | Dee's Diary, Food, Shop, Southlands Farm News | No Comments Yet

We have just collected a new batch of our own delicious rare breed beef and sausages. I was recently reminded of a recipe Mum used to make for us ‘ Beef olives’  and so I set too to reconstruct her recipe and childhood memories of wonderful meals that definitely hit the comfort food spo Read the full post

Keeping up appearances

3rd May 2013 | Charles' Rants, Southlands Farm News | No Comments Yet

the suppliers of the lights were no help either. So after a little lateral thought Read the full post

Electric Aga here we come!

26th April 2013 | Dee's Diary, Southlands Farm News | No Comments Yet

With the installation of our new electric turbine we decided it would be a good idea to have an electric Aga rather that oil fired one.We did a great deal of research and eventually found a  company( who had also succesfully coinverted a  friends Aga with  an electric conversion kit.) Charles sai Read the full post

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